India Master Class

The India Master Class is a classroom training where you will learn how to work successfully with business partners and employees in India.
You will get insights into India’s value system and how it affects business culture.
You will learn which intercultural factors have an impact on leadership, communication, time management and quality assurance.

India Executive Briefing

This Executive Briefing brings doing business in India to a point. It is designed for senior managers who wish to:

  • Be informed competently about the critical success factors when doing business in India
  • Appreciate which intercultural factors will have an impact on leadership, communication, time management and quality assurance
  • Effectively support teams to master day-to-day challenges
  • Make their business in India a success
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India Online Course

Learn online how to work successfully with business partners and employees in India.

  • Understand how to work successfully with business partners and employees in India.
  • Learn wherever you are, whenever you want to.
  • Get high value learning at a very attractive pricing.
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Free Webinar

Our Free Webinar about Business Culture in India is your best way to start.

India offers immense business opportunities. Succeeding in the Indian market, however, is a challenging task! Join our study and delegation trips to India to bridge the gap.

Our guided tours to India offer you a unique opportunity to broaden your scope, exchange experiences, expand knowledge and grow your network.

Waseem Hussain (the little boy in the middle, with his mother, father and brothers) is of Indian origin. When his family immigrated to Switzerland in 1967 he was a one year old child on his mother's arms.

The family landed at Zurich airport to a cold Swiss winter. All they had known until then was between 30 - 40 degrees Celsius, and sunshine all the time. The aircraft's door swung open and everything was white: the sky, the snow, the people.

When he later played football with friends at the lake of Zurich they would ask him: Waseem, why does your mom wear a sari? Why doesn't she prepare Zürigschnätzlets or Fondue but curries instead? Why don't you people celebrate Christmas or Easter?

Waseem scratched his head every time he heard these really interesting questions. Ever since, he has been making sense of people's inquiries about intercultural communication or India. Like this, he made his life story his business model.


As a corporate trainer, he has engaged with more than 12,000 executives, managers, engineers, scientific researchers and administrative staff across Europe, in the USA and in India.


Waseem's keynote speeches are booked for international business conferences, senior management meetings and business events.

Waseem delivers his keynotes around the world.


He is a faculty at the International Executive MBA at Zurich University of Applied Sciences and visiting faculty at the Supply Chain Management Executive MBA at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH.

He is member of the Global Learning Resource Network at Duke Corporate Education as well as of the Educator Network at Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Waseem completed studies in international management, management consulting, project management, and intercultural communication.

He speaks English, German, Urdu and Hindi.


Waseem Hussain is recipient of the ZfU Teaching Award in gold, accredited Top 100 Speaker, and accredited Top 100 Entrepreneur.

Phone: +41 79 238 24 02
Address: Waseem Hussain, Grossplatzstrasse 5a, CH-8118 Pfaffhausen, Switzerland